Tiny Hands (Au Revior) - Silent Planet


This past January, I had the pleasure of being a guest vocalist on one of Silent Planet's new songs. 

The song is based on a story from a French woman, Madame Marguerite Rouffance, who survived the Holocaust.  She, a long with a lot of her village, were thrown in the church and the Nazi's sent it up in flames. She survived, and said this in later war trials:

"Je suis sorti vivant du four crematoire, je suis le temoin sacre de l'eglise. Je sui une mere qui a tout perdu."

"I came out alive from the crematory oven; I am the sacred witness from the church. I am a mother who has lost everything."

This is the piece I was asked to sing of the song acting as Madame Marguerite Rouffance. It's so beautiful - and you can check it out below - Thanks Silent Planet!