I hope this site finds you well!

My musical journey began as early as I can remember; feeling, experiencing, and processing through music. I grew up singing, but started experimenting with songwriting in high school. I wasn't quite finding a musical endeavor that was satisfying, and continued my growth into college. In fall of 2010, while at college in Southern California, in a living room full of people singing with us, Branches formed. I am currently part of Branches and have five wonderful brothers in music to share the journey with. We are SO privileged to travel and tour all over the country to sing with our friends on the road, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our most recent release is above in the Music tab above. We can't wait to see where we end up next!

Also close to Branches forming, The Wild Reeds began to take shape in December of 2009. Knowing Kinsey since first grade, and singing with her since fifth, it came as no surprise when we found Sharon and happened to form what looked like a band. With three - part harmonies that we could feel all the way down to our toes, we set out to be strong women in music, and to bring joy and light into a dark industry. In January of 2013, after three years with The Reeds, I played my final show and decided to step down from The Wild Reeds. I recorded two full length albums, "Songs for the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening," and "Even When The Strong Winds Blow" with these ladies, as well as a Christmas E.P.

Lastly, I continue writing songs under my own name, and perform my own material in my free time from touring with Branches. All of my solo material, including some Christmas songs and covers, can be found under the Music tab above. To stay up to date with all of my endeavors, click the NEWS tab!

Again, thank you for stopping by! I create to make people feel in hopes that these projects fester in the deepest parts of your soul and to warm the smallest cockles of your heart. Take a good look around the site!