- C R E A T I V E    C O M M U N I T Y -

This is my musical and artistic community! It takes an army to create a record, photos, and videos and I have had the wonderful privilege of either working, playing a show, or have the gift of friendship with all of these artists at some point in my musical career - they are absolutely worth every bit of your attention. I include them on my website because they are all vital to my musical and artistic growth. Please take some time to check them out and click on their names to take a peek at their work to support them as well.

BRANCHES (current member)
Before The Brave
The Buffalo Skinners
Corey Martin
Cigarette Barbies
Jacob Montague
Jens Kuross
Joseph Bradshaw
James McAlister
O’neill Hudson
Robert DeLong
Phillip Glenn
Jason Hawk Harris
Valley Queen

Marissa Kathleen Quinn
Christine Longoria
Peter Heirendt
Joel Phillips
Christine Hostetler
Evan Trine

Mitchell Dong
Tyler Nagayama
Nicole Solis
Kristine Nicoles-Elledge

Brian Terada
Kelly Boitano
David Linder
Nirav Patel
Braedon Flynn
Leo Lawrence
Jon Macapodi