"Closer" On Grey's Anatomy

I'm so excited to share a track I sang on a couple years back! It's a Tegan and Sara cover that a great friend Kyle Neal arranged and recorded and I was so honored to be a part of it! Check it out [ H E R E ] - It was featured on Grey's Anatomy last year at the end of the episode of S13 E18.

And in general, BRANCHES has been so lucky to have been treated so kindly by TV licensing as well! We're SO grateful to have been featured on shows such as American Housewife, Teen Mom, America's Got Talent, One Tree Hill, Life Sentence, X Factor, Cougar Town, and a few movie trailers to name a few! 



Jason Hawk Harris, Phillip Glenn, + more solo updates

I am elated to share these two albums that I was privileged to be a part of!

Coming out this Friday, January 12th, 2018 is Outsider, by Phillip Glenn! Phil is a great friend of mine, and our two bands have played loads of shows and travelled together. My other great friend Jason Stevens of Before the Brave is one of the other vocalists on this with me, and it was a joy to work on! Check it out [ H E R E] 


Also recently released last month, is my great friend Jason Hawk Harris' E.P.. It was so much fun hanging in the studio with these fellows, and plenty of whiskey was consumed. Check it out [ H E R E ]  - Enjoy! 


Lastly, I am continuing my collaboration with James McAlister for my solo material - we are writing and working on some really fun stuff together. It's my first time working with an outside producer/co-writer and I am SO lucky that to have someone on the same musical wavelength as me to learn from. 

Happy Winter!

Tsutro's Remix of "After The War" + more updates!

I am so excited to share TSUTRO's remix of our song "After The War"! It reimagines the song in a beautiful way. Listen below:

We are so excited to spend a majority of this year writing after our 5 week spring tour. We're getting so excited about some new sounds!

I am thrilled to be working with James Mcalister on my solo material! One song is completed, and we are working on a few more before a formal release. But follow me on instagram for the most recent updates! 

Tsutro Release

Hello friends! 

My Branches bandmate and close friend Jacob Montague has released his latest project. It's SO GOOD! I was honored to be featured on "Tanoak" - Take a listen below!


To purchase go [ H E R E ]  // 

"Say Something" is one of my favorites!


White Flag



I am so so excited and proud to share the release of "White Flag" from my band Branches. It's been a long time coming, and we are so proud of how this turned out!

Please check it out [ H E R E  ] and on my music tab above.

Thanks for your continued support and love! xx


 Photo by: Nirav Patel // Design by: Tyler Nagayama

Photo by: Nirav Patel // Design by: Tyler Nagayama